Digital Security

PIMAN Security is the alliance of digital and the excellency of field experts.

All our services are accompanied by innovative and unprecedented technological solutions, designed by experts in private security, and developed by the best digital engineers and cybersecurity experts.

We create and develop solutions that make it possible to secure all our customers and create a safe bubble around their events, their infrastructures or their travels through dedicated, private, encrypted digital applications.

Our goal: to ensure your full protection by countering all external threats, physical and / or digital.



Our digital engineers are developing innovative technologies to create a smart, secure bubble around our clients.

Missions examples :

  • Creation of a private 4g network that allows the implementation of an encrypted communication via a secure chat for our clients.
  • Installation and management of intelligent surveillance cameras: geolocation, detection and facial recognition, detection of grouping of people, detection of license plates.
  • Deep learning: Sniffing of social networks, semantic analysis, alert and real-time notifications to follow all the news of the event and / or a city.
  • Setting up NFC sensors for patrols management to increase the security level of an infrastructure or event.
  • Panic button to directly notify security services of an incident.

Other services

Personal Security

Close protection, security of events, displacements, counter-targeting, transport of values ​​...

Private Site Security

Physical security, security audit, sweeping, security PC ...

Cyber Security

Social engineering, RGPD, Compliance (Sapin II / UKBribery Act / Foreign Practices Act (US)), Cyberprotection / Cyberdefense ...