Personal Security

Because our consultants expertise is a major concern for our clients, our teams made up of seasoned professionals, all from special forces or internal security forces, ensure the close protection of your management teams. your management and those close to you, in France and abroad.

PIMAN Security revisits the best French tradition of close protection, efficient, dissuasive and always elegant, permanently adapted to each situation, and facilitating the access to our services by innovative digital approach.

Trusting PIMAN Security is the assurance of absolute tranquility, in all discretion, wherever you are.

Our missions

Personal protection

Temporaire, en France et à l’international Protection rapprochée 24/7

Garde du corps (APR et APS)

Secure events

Sécuriser un événement professionnel, un événement prestigieux/luxe ou une rencontre professionnelle

Agent de sécurité événementiel
Agent contre ciblage « infiltration »
Agent cynophile
Agent de sécurité (APS)
Agent de protection rapprochée (APR)

Sécurité des déplacements

Sécuriser vos déplacements en France et à l’international

Chauffeur de sécurité et protection rapprochée (APR)


Agent contre-ciblage « infiltration »

Mise en place de cellules de crise

Détection et prévention de la radicalisation

Analyse de menaces et risques sur zone

Transport de valeurs

Other services

Digital Security

Private 4G network, semantic analysis, big data, artificial intelligence, facial recognition ...

Private Site Security

Physical security, security audit, sweeping, security PC ...

Cyber Security

Social engineering, RGPD, Compliance (Sapin II / UKBribery Act / Foreign Practices Act (US)), Cyberprotection / Cyberdefense ...