Private Site Security

Private security is your first line of defense and the first image you give of yourself, your processes and your organization. PIMAN Security protection methods are based on a global approach that combines the best professionals with the latest technologies of access control, video surveillance and detection system …

Each service mobilizes the Group’s specialists in electronic systems and security software, supported in their recommendations by former security officers who have acquired their values, know-how and skills in the most prestigious units.

Our missions

Sécurisation de Site

Sécuriser des sites à usage professionnel (enseigne de luxe, site industriel, siège social, bureaux, aéroport, hôtel de luxe, etc.)

Agent de sécurité
Agent prévol
Agent rondier « gardiennage »
Agent de sécurité incendie (SSIAP)
Agent de sécurité opérateur filtrage « analyse des informations données par des appareils de contrôle ».

Other services

Digital Security

Private 4G network, semantic analysis, big data, artificial intelligence, facial recognition ...

Personal Security

Close protection, security of events, displacements, counter-targeting, transport of values ​​...

Cyber Security

Social engineering, RGPD, Compliance (Sapin II / UKBribery Act / Foreign Practices Act (US)), Cyberprotection / Cyberdefense ...